BNR over het uitbreiden van Wingman naar het buitenland

BNR on expanding Wingman abroad

The Dutch brand Wingman Condoms is expanding into China and coming out with a special condom for the local market there.

What sets the Wingman condoms apart from others is the application clip. Using it, you can easily put a condom on with one hand. That condom with an application clip is now appearing on the Chinese market with an adjustment, says commercial director Paul Wiertz: in a smaller size. The Chinese market is big enough, by the way. For comparison: In the Netherlands, 7 percent of men prefer the male condom as a contraceptive, in China it is 47 percent.

In this article, Paul Wiertz is interviewed where he tells fun ins and outs about Wingman Condoms and answers questions such as: "What needs to be modified in a condom to enter the Chinese market?".

Click here to listen to the interview!

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