Anticonceptie na Zwangerschap

Contraception after your Pregnancy

After pregnancy, it is important to use contraception if you are going to have sex again. Breastfeeding may inhibit ovulation, but is not a guarantee. In fact, many women are extra fertile right after giving birth. It is also impossible to calculate when you will be fertile again; it is different for each woman. Before your first period you already have your ovulation again so even that is no indicator of whether or not you are fertile. So be prepared and use contraception.

What kind of contraception you can use depends on whether you are breastfeeding or not. The easiest choice is aWingman. No hormones, no side effects and easy to obtain. Extra nice is that it also helps prevent any infections, which you are more susceptible to than usual with a sensitive uterus. There may still be scars or wounds. Using a condom keeps these from coming into contact with your partner's fluids and reduces the risk of infection.

Condoms can be used right after giving birth without any problems. The condom can also be used to bridge a period when you do not yet know which method of birth control you want to use.

It is recommended to use extra lubricant when having sex after childbirth, because the hormones make your vagina less moist and it can therefore be more painful to have sex. A condom already has some lubricant on it, and it is recommended to add some to it. Make sure you use lubricant that is suitable for use with condoms.